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500. Day 8.
The team of aliens saw the remains of the station, it was drifting, absolutely dead, surrounded by what the computers on their ship recognized as the Jelltan ship hull.
"I'm detecting jump traces", said one of the aliens, a slime covered being, with long sleek fingers on long sleek hands, "There is colors of betamine", a second alien murmured, "betamine, bastards, of course they would use it, it would make all ships trying to enter the station to jump without control", the slimy slender flipped his fingers in agreement. The second alien was a blue feathered giant, at least three and a half meters tall, dark green eyes and a beak jaw covered by black lips, "we have to tell Jury about this", more finger flipping agreement.
Jury was in her room, she wasnt sleeping, Jury's kind doesn't really need to sleep, they are, for a lack of better explanation, too stubborn to sleep, sleeping takes time of consideration, takes people away from the outerverse to the innerverse. She was watching the fu
:icongridcube:gridcube 0 0
500. Day 7
Whenever you hear the voice of the forgotten, you know you are lost, its not a simple joke, it is what it is. It's the beginning of the tale we all tell to ourselves, it's because of this that no one will tell you they heard the voice of the forgotten, no one unless of course their history is about to end, as mine is, my history ends today, but i wont become a forgotten, I'll leave my voice behind, for others to find, in a neatly set place, in a century or two, someone will find this, someone will learn that the end of the forgotten is not the end of life, its just the start of the next level ,the beginning of the new reality.
There is a god out there, it is strong and powerful beyond all reconciling, this is because the reality bends around it, this is because it controls the continuum, it becomes all of the alternatives, it becomes the forever, but the forgotten are part of something else, some think that the god is a forgotten, some know the forgotten are afraid of it. It's not real
:icongridcube:gridcube 0 0
500. Day 6
We where at the Sector 32 base, it was old, it was boring, it was dieing, there wasn't much we could do about it. The base brain had not been fed citroplasmatic acid for two hundred years, the exterior walls where rotting away against the galactic radiation, it was extremely lucky that it even produced oxygen at all, but it had not been able to produce ship fuel for decades now, no one comes to this sector of the galaxy, it's pretty much boring planets, the only habitable planet is Earth and well, Earth is really boring, intergalactic treaties prohibit all great powers to fetch it because it has sentient native species on it, so the Stralli and the GodsKings prohibit that anyone touches it until they make contact. Humans will probably kill each other far before they even develop the technology to make contact. But, laws are laws, and no one wants to make the Stralli nor the GodsKings unhappy, that was our problem here.
We made the Stralli mad.
We didn't wanted to, it wasn't our first i
:icongridcube:gridcube 0 0
500. Day 5.
Giving words to the lowpeople, thats my calling, i'm the wordgiver, it's ridiculous to hear myself saying that, the wordgiver, the voice of the lowpeople, the key of the undermen.
I haven't talk for the lowpeople in ages, they are all gone, I killed them.
Well, no, i didnt killed them, i just never made their voice be heard strong enough.
Now they are gone. Like fumes on the wind, like water on the desert. They are gone because they where not heard.
I't was my fault their voice was not heard by they GodsKings. They disregarded me. I was there to represent the lowpeople, but they didn't notice me.
The GodsKings where monsters, but they are also gone now, apparently a world without subjugates its not a useful planet, they might have though of that before, they should have listen to me.
But they are gone, they are no more, now is just me, and the memory of the lowpeople.
I think i still hear them cry for me. But, they are no more.
I stand in the tallest mountain of this dead planet, there
:icongridcube:gridcube 0 0
Saitama sensei's face in embroidery by gridcube Saitama sensei's face in embroidery :icongridcube:gridcube 1 0
500. Day 4
It's 3am, the clock in the wall is ticking, tik, tok, tik, tok. It scares me, it's like a voice from the underworld, accusing me, reclaiming some sort of compensation. I have no idea what.
I hear the rasping noise of foots stepping on the down floor, they are there, moving, walking, they are impossible, they are there.
I'm sitting on this wooden chair, my hands try to calm each other and not spill the tea out of this cup. The cup is cold, the tea is cold, they made it, I'm afraid of drinking it. What are they, why are they here, why didn't i run away when i could have, why i was so blunt, why i was so confident. I have no answers. I hear foot steps coming my way, i spill the cup and stand up from the chair. I'm trying to use the cup as a shield against them.
"Hey, calm down mate" says the big feathery one, "We ain't gonna harm ye', just relax yo", he speaks on a weird mix of slangs, its mixing lots of different accents too, I think he learned to speak English by popular youtube videos.
:icongridcube:gridcube 0 0
500. Day 3
"How did you heard about us?" The voice asked through the wall, it was obviously being distorted by some sort of technology, it sounded like a vibration and fan blades, the voice came from the small holes on the steel separators of the building.
"There was a police report about someone habiting this premises, they where closed a few years ago after the company that owned them crashed in the resession, might i ask who are you?"
"No, why would you need to know"
"Well, because this are my buildings, I bought them. Are you in problems? you sound like a computer synthesizer" I might have to admit on retrospective, that I was being quite stupid back there, but the curiosity was huge, one day i recieve a call from the police warning me that someone had reported lights and noises coming from a building I own, the next day i notice that the building now figures rented, but no one rented me this building, so, obviously, someone hacked on the city hall registry and changed the situation. I'm no h
:icongridcube:gridcube 0 0
500. Day 2
"So, you have a jump engine?", said Timany.
"We do", said Esther, her voice sound was vibrating, like if it was passing through the blades of a fan inside of her throat. "But it's useless like this".
"What do you mean 'Useless'?" asked Timany, his left had grabbed a phone out of his pocket, unlocked it and started to flip through menus.
"Useless as in it has no use", she replied, her eyes now focused outside of the window to the passing cars, this was not her place, she wanted to leave as soon as it was possible.
"I know the definition of useless, Esther, I want to know what you mean by it".
"have you seen those cars on the street?"
"yes?", Timany raised one eyebrow as asking, are you going nuts already?, but she had a point to make. "Well, if you go to a junkyard and pull out a car engine out of one and bring it to your house, what use does it has?"
Timany started to understand, "none", he said, its a lot of metal but it doesn't have any use without the rest of the car, its just an en
:icongridcube:gridcube 0 0
500. Day 1
You might ask, what am I doing here?
Well, i dont know, i really dont know.
there was a story i wanted to tell, but now i've forgotten it. It was an epic story, full of bravery and self sacrifice, i remember that. but now, now i dont know the rest. because i'm dead, i'm gone, i'm not more.
One day i'll become a star, one day i'll burn galaxies, one day i'll be no more. Thats who i am. But i don't remember it anymore. And i'm afraid.
I should restart, i should go to the begining and see it all again.
But i am afraid.
I am afraid of what i will see, of what i'll become. I'm afraid i will die again.
But i guess that it doesnt really matters, if i am dead, what i'm afraid of?
I'm afraid of being alive again?
Of changing the world again?
of being a star, then a planet, then a being, then a blackhole and then die.
can i change it at all?
can i be more or less of what i was?
maybe i cant.
Maybe thats what im scared of.
Of making the same mistakes again.
Of becoming a mimic of what i was.
of n
:icongridcube:gridcube 0 0
16-10-2014 by gridcube 16-10-2014 :icongridcube:gridcube 2 3
Los dias de invierno
Los días de Invierno.
La mente de Aríel flotaba dividida en muchas capas distintas, entre ellas la parte que le hacía subir las escaleras de forma casi instintiva le informó de una envoltura de caramelos en uno de los escalones que debía evitar si deseaba no caer por las escaleras, la parte de su mente que quería ir a dormir le dijo que caer sería una muy mala idea, y la parte que cuidaba de su bienestar general estuvo de acuerdo con las demás, mientras tanto una parte de su mente le decía que debía estar triste por algo, pero las demás la hicieron callar, no era momento de pensar en eso ahora. Cuando llegó hasta la puerta del departamento, dejó caer su mochila y la bolsa de las compras, que traía en sus manos, mientras buscaba con cierta desesperación la tarjeta llave en sus bolsillos y se preguntaba si no la habría dejado en el laboratorio, la parte de su mente que quería dormir se p
:icongridcube:gridcube 2 0
Cortó el cable, la plataforma tembló con fuerza, su contrincante hizo algo similar, la multitud enloqueció, ya eran doce alambres de cada lado, quedaban menos de la mitad. Era el golpe final.
Tomó un cable que los unía y jugó, su propia placa se desestabilizó, cayó al vacío entre vítores.
:icongridcube:gridcube 2 8
Xubuntu 13.04 desktop from IRC user Sysi by gridcube Xubuntu 13.04 desktop from IRC user Sysi :icongridcube:gridcube 0 4 Xubuntu 13.04 Desktop of IRC user Elfy by gridcube Xubuntu 13.04 Desktop of IRC user Elfy :icongridcube:gridcube 1 0 Xubuntu 13.04 Desktop of IRC user Baizon by gridcube Xubuntu 13.04 Desktop of IRC user Baizon :icongridcube:gridcube 1 0 Xubuntu 13.04 Desktop of IRC user Unit193 by gridcube Xubuntu 13.04 Desktop of IRC user Unit193 :icongridcube:gridcube 0 0

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Carta de despedida
Hola, si en estas épocas se suelen escribir cartas de saludos y de amor ¿ Porque no hacer una de despedida?. Es algo original y sé que no pasará desapercibida ante tus ojos, ya que no sé si pasara por algo más dentro de tu alma.
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Eres un ser con desequilibrio no solo en tu vida sino con los demás. ¿Crees que es agradable salir contigo? Vomitas el amor que te dan, tiras el afecto y el cariño de los demás al cesto más cercano de basura… No, eso no es vida. Te desprecio, me das lástima. Incluso, cuando me susurrabas canciones de amor al oído, o consejos que salían del corazón, ni así te amé.
¿Te acuerdas de Yahir? Duramos hablando tanto que hasta me
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:icondaeroth:Daeroth 2 8
Nunca has sido demasiado diestro en el manejo de ningún tipo de arma, por lo que no puedes arriesgarte a enfrentar a tamaño engendro con elementos que impliquen acercártele tanto. Arrojarle el cuchillo no es una opción, probablemente solo logres enfadarlo, y eso es lo último que necesitas en este momento. Sin pensar en lo que haces, tomas un brazo del montón y le silbas al animal, agitando el brazo en el aire, como si fuera un hueso y él un perro hambriento.
El monstruo clava su mirada en tí, sin percatarse en absoluto del brazo que enarbolas y acto seguido comienza a avanzar arrojando cadáveres hacia todos lados. Tiemblas al descubrir que no tienes idea de cómo zafar de esa. Hasta que una luz se hace en tu cerebro.
Esperas a que el monstruo esté a una distancia "prudencial" y le arrojas el miembro cercenado a la cara, cegándolo. De inmediato te arrojas al suelo, delante de él, que furioso, te arroja a un costado como a l
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Escena y cafe
- Un café. Solo.
El camarero ya se había puesto a servirlo cuando la vio acercarse a la terraza. La miró con cara de pena, a la vez que sus ojos brillaban con un tierno sentimiento de paternal lástima.
Corría el año noventa y tres cuando la vi por primera vez. Paseaba tranquilamente, cautivado por la belleza de Cracovia, junto a unas agradables terrazas en la enorme plaza del mercado, y de mi cara no desaparecía una orgullosa sonrisa por haber sido admitido en la Universidad Jagellónica, para cursar Bellas Artes. Mi andar era altivo y mi gesto ilusionado, y lógicamente, aun no me habían invadido las sensaciones de nostalgia y soledad que acompañan a los grandes cambios en la vida. ¡Que fascinante es Cracovia en sus primeros vistazos!
Recuerdo que no tenía hambre, ni sed. La simple y a la vez compleja felicidad cubría todas mis necesidades, y evadía mis sentidos. Solo quería caminar, caminar y llenar mis
:iconslumber89:Slumber89 3 26
Your Friend In Science - WCC by Jardar Your Friend In Science - WCC :iconjardar:Jardar 61 5





I'm glad to announce that I'll be uploading and managing most of the user submissions to the :iconxubuntu-showcase: project from the Xubuntu Development and Marketing Teams.

Its very important to us to collect how users redesigning their desktops, in order to understand how they use it, what they think its important, how they work with it.

We would also like to show all the non xubuntu or even non linux users how pretty our desktop can be, how good as an option is and how customizable it can be!

So lets post our desktops!

the prettiest ones will be showcased on the site, as will be anounced on all our social networking sites! :D


I'm a library science student :)


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¿Por qué ahora sólo escribes en inglés?
Ohhhhh Dios
gridcube Featured By Owner May 21, 2016
Because thats what I'm reading the most? P:

porque es el mundo con el que interactúo mas, no tengo muchos conocidos que quieran hablar con migo que hablen español, la mayoria simplemente no se comunica más, así que que ni que
ahdaria Featured By Owner May 26, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
Pucha, conmigo habla en español... Porfa!
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Hola manito... gracias por el favorito, me alegra que te gustara la flor. :) espero poder tomar fotos del eclipse de luna :) y te las subiré para que las veas.

Te quiero con todo mi corazón, animo con ese estudio, carajoooo


un abrazo enorme
mik-68 Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2010
Seguimos en guerra por la eñe. Esta vez, con todos.
¿Te apuntas? :iconallcultures:
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:woohoo: :party: :iconcakelickplz: !!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!! :iconcakelickplz: :party: :woohoo:

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Te quiero mucho hermanito!!!!!!!!! :dance: :hug:

Que cumplas mil más!!!
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